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I am mother of one characterful girl, who doesn't stay still for anyone. Trying to get a regular stationary portrait shot can be beyond a challenge. Early on, i realised if photographically i treated her like, i would wildlife and stood back and let her go, run, be wild and play, i would get shots that were natural and capture her spirit. So that is how my style for child photography has emerged. I really love nothing more that sitting in the background and capturing those memories of bugs found, fires lit, mud pies made, puddles jumped in or trees climbed. 


As i have alluded to above i started my photographic journey as a wildlife photographer. In 2009 I got a hand me down DSLR camera from my parents. A few more hand me down or loan bits of kit and lots of practise and I gained a Highly Commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013. Not long after the BWPA awards our little girl joined our family and my camera's focus had to change. We still try to get out as much as is possible but the activities are usually swing on top swings, lighting fires and toasting marshmallows, smelling flowers, finding mini beasts or climbing trees.


Outside of photography I love to spend time cooking, crafting, crocheting, gardening, painting, sewing and skiing. Many of the dresses for my stylised session as made by me and available from One Foot Down a Rabbit Hole

Zoe Liddiard Giles

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