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What not to wear

Now, I am probably the last person to tell anyone what to wear. However, as a photographer I can certainly suggest things that are probably best avoided. Clothes can make the picture or turn it into a bit of a disaster. Do you want the clothes your children are wearing to standout as main subject of the picture; or would you prefer that your child was did??

Tip 1: Avoid logos, graphics and character clothing. We want you and not your clothes to be the centre of attention. Frozen or Thomas might be your children's favourites but can be very distracting in your photos.

Tip 2: Coordinate but don't match. If you are hoping for any group shots, limit yourselves to 1-3 solid coordinating colours and use for all the family. Whilst the trend for matching the whole family's outfits is out of fashion, we still don't want one member of the family to stand out, from the rest, in groups shots.

Tip 3: Keep it comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, chances are that is what will show in your photos. Equally you might think your child's outfit is just the cutest but if they hate it, we may get more moody images than smiley ones.

Tip 4: Dress for the weather. If you or your children are too cold or hot, you won't be happy or comfortable. Be prepared for temperature changes, have a jumper, cardigan or coat with you and hopefully one that coordinates.

Tip 5: Dress the children in clothes that fit. I am all for buying clothes 2 sizes to big and making them grow in to it and then making them wear it till they look like the incredible hulk but this isn't what we want in your lasting images.

Tip 6: Think about your feet. It is so easy to plan the outfit(s) and forget about the feet. You don't want to spoil the cutest outfit with an uncoordinated pair of shoes.

Tip 7: Accessories. Scarves, hair accessories and jewellery can complement your outfits and complete an image but keep them small we don't want these to dominate the image. If your little ones have hair like mine, something to keep it off the face is a very good idea. I have many a spoiled image, care of a face full of hair.

Tip 8: Personality. It is ok for that to show in your clothes. If your child lives in wellies, bring the wellies. Yes we all want a polished photo but not at the expense of the personality behind the face.

Tip 9: Aim for timeless. Your style is a personal choice but when deciding, try to pick things that won't look dated years from now.

Tip 10: End product. Do you have an idea of what you will do with your images? Is there a specific room you want to display then in. What is the style and feel of that room. One client had a white room so wanted a plain set up and dressed their son in black.

Keep it simple and timeless and in keeping with who you are. We want you and your family to shine in your photos, not your clothes. These are your special images that you want to look on and smile for years to come.

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