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30 Days Wild - The first week

Day 1 - We met with other local mummies and their toddlers for a picnic and play in the woods. We watched the kids play in dens, swing on a rope swing and hammock, balance on fallen trees. They ran away but also ran back...eventually. They used a compass and rucksack to be explorers and then as only toddlers can with out any embarrassment they shed their clothes in varying degrees but if you cant at age 3 when can you.

Day 2 - We had planned to count bees but after a day at nursery we had torrential rain. Not really bee counting weather. So we sang some songs about rain whilst we walked home through the rain and thunder.

Day 3- We went to Essex Wildlife Trusts Abberton Reservoir's wildlife and country fair. We did some pond dipping and found a toad, stickleback, water boatman, pond snail, mosquito larva and we saw a black tailed skimmer and some damselflies. We saw a falconry display by Lavenham Falconry. We went wild on in the park there and followed the Brambly Hedge trail. At bed time we read Spring from the series of Brambly Hedge books i had as a child.

Day 4- We build a bee drinking station. Somewhere they can land and have a drink without drowning.

Day 5- We finished off the water wall we had made for the garden. Maybe not directly wildlife related but still all important outdoor learning.

Day 6- It poured and poured with rain. We watched a family of recently fledge blue tits feed as well as some of our very bedraggled regulars including Percy the pheasant. At the end of the day we were rewarded with a rainbow. It gave me a chance whilst Cordy napped to take some wildlife pictures.

Day 7- We had lots of friends around for some wild art, the black lace elderflower flowers and leaves were probably the best alternative paint brushes but chives flowers and grass was good too.

So that was our first week. I Hope you have all had some wild days. Now onto week two. Still lots of things to do. Don't forget there are still opportunities for Wild Mini Session 10% off session fee and 10% of session fee donation to the Essex Wildlife Trusts for June only. Contact me for further details.

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