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30 Days Wild - The Second Week

Day 8 - We had important things to do on day 8, like vote. On the way back we had a play in the park and saw lots of bunnies. We then did a Wild Flower Survey of the garden. We have 9 of the wildflower country species in our garden. Earlier in the year when looking for bluebells we also saw 2 types of orchid in a woods near by.

Day 9 - Cordy went to Tiggy's Barn Educational Farm with her nursery. She loves seeing the animals, I think Chewy the pig is still her favourite.

I had a had a hunt round the garden for some of our smaller wildlife. I found some Rosemary beetles on our lavender so reported them to the RHS Rosemary beetle survey. We also have some Mullein moth caterpillars.

Day 10- Finally a sunny morning to go and collect elderflower for cordial making.

We also has a sniff of the flowers in the garden to see what they smelt like, Cordy thought the yellow loostrife smelt of pasta.

Day 11- Cordy had a roll around in the grass out side a church before seeing one of her friends little brothers christened. She also took daddy off to show him mini beasts around the garden when we got home.

Day 12 - I bottled up the elderflower cordial and did our first wild mini session. As the photos are part of a farther day present I will say no more for the time being other than such gorgeous fun loving kids, a pleasure to photograph.

Day 13 - We dyed some fabric scraps with natural dyes form grass and flowers. Using a big stone we bashed the flowers and grass do transfer the natural dyes to the fabric.

Day 14- We went to the woods. On the way we saw some lambs that aren't so little any more. We played shop in a den, swung on a rope swing and climbed trees.

So that was our second week. I Hope you have all had some wild days. Now onto week three. Still lots of things to do. Don't forget there are still opportunities for Wild Mini Session 10% off session fee and 10% of session fee donation to the Essex Wildlife Trusts for June only. Contact me for further details.

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