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30 Days Wild - The Third Week

Day 15 and 16 - I have had the most amazing couple of days on The Burst of Colour Retreat training with Lisa McCormick, Sujata Setia and Roberta Baneviciene. If photographing children isn't challenging enough why not throw some animals into the mix. Ultimately the results speak for themselves. Also saw a red kite pretty close up. I may have to go back to go some wildlife photography some time. The photos were taken at Church Farm, Ardelely, Nr stevenage, well worth a visit.

Day 17 -The training was a long 2 days, so we spent a family day doing not to much other than the usual water all the veg and hanging baskets and feed the birds.

Day 18 - A very hot Father's Day. We went to take some pictures of Cordy near some poppies on the edge of a footpath and field locally and to buy some more bird seed. The birds have eaten over 20kg of mixed seed no wheat in the last 14 days. We get ours from Greenstead Green Animal Feeds. We also said hello to Peppa or George applying piggy suncream at Tiggy's

Day 19 - We tended to the garden and collected feathers on the way to nursery.

Day 20 - Forest school with Holly's Forest Sessions. We found grasshoppers in the grass, we found a newt in the pond, millipedes, slugs and woodlouse under logs. We drilled dead wood and toasted marshmallows and pumpkin seeds on the fire.

Day 21 - On the way to forest school i spotted a field, with a public foot path on the side. Today we went back with a fellow local photographer and helped each other get some gorgeous photos of our own children. Yes she's mine and i am bias but wow, just wow. I hope you feel how i do when you see your gallery.

So that was our third week. I Hope you have all had some wild days. Now onto week four. Still lots of things to do. Don't forget there are still opportunities for Wild Mini Session 10% off session fee and 10% of session fee donation to the Essex Wildlife Trusts for June only. Contact me for further details.

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