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30 Days Wild The Forth Week

Day 22 and 23 Nursery days for my daughter. We saw the animals from Tiggy's Barn on the way too and from nursery. We filled up the bird feeds when we got home to feed all the baby birds still coming to have a feed.

Day 24 and 25 - The garden is all go at the moment. So much of the weekend was taken up by tending and watering the garden.

Day 27 - We did some more wild painting with friends.

Day 28- We went to find a linseed field and take some photos with a new outfit i had made using a Violette Field Threads Pattern for this sort of stylised photo session. Although with Cordy it still involved lots of running and not much posing.

Day 29 - I went field spotting the linseed was looking lovely today but my model was at nursery. Lots of wheat, rye and barley fields starting to turn golden.

Day 30 - We had and afternoon and evening of food with friends in the garden. Mosst of the salad came from the garden just waiting on the tomatoes to ripen. We got the fire pit out and toasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Rolled around in the grass and clover. (The lawn has been purposefully neglected for National Wild Meadow Day on the 1st of July and the bees love it). We had some torrential rain later in the evening so the kids went to dance in it.

So that was our fourth and final week but it doesn't end there, we will carry on being wild as much as possible. I Hope you have all had some great wild days and continue to get out and see all that is around you and look out for 30 more days wild in the autumn.


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