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30 days wild and wild mini sessions

So June is the month, where the wildlife trusts across the UK encourage us to commit a random act of wildness every day for 30 day. This is something I did with my daughter and some of her friends last year and we shall be doing it again.

So far we have plans for a wild meet up in the woods on Day 1. Day 2 we will be counting bees as part of the Great British Bee count . Day 3 we will be off to Essex Wildlife Trust Abberton Reservoir's Wildlife and Country Fair.

Not fully planned the rest, sometime we will see what the day and weather bring but we will definitely be doing some wild art by making brushes from grasses and leaves.

We will also make some elderflower cordial. We have some black lace elderflower in our garden with makes delicious but bright pink elderflower cordial.

I have also set up a facebook group for those in Essex with toddler's and young children to share ideas and maybe even get together and be wild.

Also during 30 days wild i want to offer you the opportunity to have a wild mini session. With 10% off your session fee and a further donation 10% to the Essex Wildlife Trust. Please contact me for more details.

Enjoy getting wild. I know we will.


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